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Cycling in Italy July 2018

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Cycling in Italy July 2018

Hi folks,

I'm looking for information as well as any hosts along the way. Planning to fly into Rome July 5th visit for a few days and then head south to Naples, Pompeii, and continue south. Any tips on routes, maps, camping spots, hostels,or any hosts would be fantastico!  Any advice on GPS choices? 

Thanks in advance!

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via appia. Ciclofficina. inland parks. has a few off road  routes with gpx tracks.

From Rome south you can follow Via Appia Antiqua, then there are eurovelo routes passing by Benevento.

The west coast will have traffic.

You will meet local cyclists, ask them for sugestions, they know their area.

Basilicata has very low traffic and national park Monte Pollino is nice but hilly.

There are abandonned villages in south italy, ~ paese fantasmi, you can find locations on internet and visit them.

Its a cliché but most italians told me to be carefull in and around Napoli: don't say fuck to car drivers, dont leave your belongings out if sight.

In some town you can find Ciclofficina Poppolari, diy bike workshops, they arevalways helpful, usualy find accomodation for travellers, have good routes hints...

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Tour of Italy

Thanks. I'm hoping to find campgrounds, hostels, or hosts to help me on my tour. If anyone can help out it would be amazing! I hope to make it to Sicily.


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