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Flying with bicycles

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Flying with bicycles

We are flying home to UK from Tallinn in July with 2 bicycles.Anyone know where to get suitable bike bags/boxes to transport the bikes by plane please?
Thanks for any help.

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Flying with bicycles

In the past I have a number of times just gone to bicycle shops and asked for a box, they were always glad to give me one if they had one on hand, best to call ahead, so they could save you one. Also good idea to get a spacer for fron forks, as airlines sometimes will crush these.

Good luck

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bicycle shops Box

I have always ask for box in bicycle shops. Do it soon, you want to anticipate.
and then you usually have to remove the handlebars and pedals to put your bike into the box.
and put them with bike insurance.
well, then to buy american adhesive tape to close your box. You want to close in all ways
in all directions, your box in vertical and horizontal turning complete with ribbon/adhesive tape.

and not forget the pedals key in your house. You will need it to move back
The aerolines ask for deflate the tires bike. If you dont do it, they can open your box!
luck, and bye.
Rafael (Spain).

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