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Spokane WA to Santa Cruz

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Spokane WA to Santa Cruz

I'm starting to plan a tour from Spokane WA to California. Right now i'm looking into the best routs, what to watch out for, what to look for, etc. No definite time for the trip yet but sometime before the summer heat kicks in. Any suggestions would be helpful. I'll update this with my plans as it goes further. Thank you.

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wow you need to decide on most of the route yourself
has you can ride highway 2 to sanJuan'ss than head south along coast
or just head south intonOregon and riding east of cascades to ca than maybe the Serra's in Ca
go to crazy guy on a bicycle .com and do some reasearch

f somehow you make it to ca and the bay area look me up in walnut creek

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Cool. I found this map through your link It looks like getting to 76 and then taking that across will be a good plan. I work as a web developer so my go to as far as making this work is to find a good city and station in some coffee shop for a couple of days then bicycle for more days and so on. Spring sounds the best to me if i can catch it at a time less rainy.

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Spokane to Santa Cruz

I would take US-2/US-395 north out of Spokane and catch the ACA Northern Tier (WA-20) west over to Anacortes, WA then turn south following the established bike routes south.

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Getting to the Pacific coast bicycle route

I was thinking south on 395, 94 and then 84 across. It looks like a safe bike path is available. Any particular reason you'd go the north route, other than it's incredible beauty?

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Either way. There is the

Either way. There is the Trans-America route to the south of you that would take you to the coast. I would guess you could make the Tri-Cities from Ritzville in a single day starting early and the winds don't pick up.

Have a fun and safe ride.

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Ok, awesome. I'll be looking for the earliest times this year that would be good to make this crossing. Thank you.

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I would not start until at

I would not start until at least mid May. The weather can be fickle around here as you know and even more so over a couple of the passes you'll have to cross in Oregon. Then northern California is wet and cold in the spring and early summer.

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