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Recommendation for our bicycle-tour in Sweden

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Recommendation for our bicycle-tour in Sweden

Hi everybody
I'm planning a bicycle-tour in Sweden at the moment. Two friend of mine and I are going to cycle from Göteborg to Örebro. We will start our journey on the 21. July. 12 days later we have to be in Örebro to reach our bus. Can anyone of you suggest a route from Göteborg to Örebro with some with beautiful nature and not (if possible) only a few cars on the road? We'd like to cycle on some bicycle friendly routes through the forest and may go swimming on some lakes along the way. Also, we'd like to visit the area around the Glaskogen nature reserve, as the nature seems to be beautiful there. 
We're not going to cycle directly from Göteborg to Örebro, but since it's our first bicycle-tour, we want to take it easy. We planned to cycle around 60 km a day. 
We're going to camp in the nature a couple of times and probably visit some regular camping grounds as well. If anyone could host us for a night that will be great. Of course, we first need to decide where we want to go to. 
Some recommendations for a place to do some canoeing/kayaking or some nice cities/villages for a well-earned beer are really appreciated too.
Thanks for your help to make our vacation amazing:)
Luca, Santos and Moritz

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Not exactly right direction, but a suggestion

Kattegattleden has just been nominated as the best cycling route in europe a few months ago. Starts from Göteborg, but goes south so not the right direction, but maybe worth a look if your plans aren't totally sett in stone yet :o) Haven't done the trip myself just remembered reading about the nomination in an outdoor magazine.


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some ideas

Visit for some suggestions in the region Väsxtergötland. I'd suggest to travel as far north as possible. It sure is beautiful along the south coust of the lake Vänern. When you  leave the trails you could either stay along Vänern until you reach Kristinehamn or go south, towards Askersund before you turn north towards Örebro. There are some ideas on this site:


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Thanks for your

Thanks for your recommendations. We decided to cycle northwards on the west side of lake vänern. Then probably to Arvika to do some canoing/kayaking there. The plan is to cycle to Munkfors afterwards, take the "Klarälvsbanan" to Karlstad and then cycle east to Örebro. 

We'll start on Friday, so let's see how it goes. If you have any more tips, feel free to write them:)

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