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Tour d'afrique

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Tour d'afrique

Hi all,


I`m planning to cycling in Africa on next January or February. recently, I discovered accidently "tour d'afrique" as below.



Is there anyone who know it or cycled along the path?

I`d like to get to know information(ex: safety, road condition, accommodation, weather etc) about it. I`d welcome any advice.

Thanks for reading.



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annyeong Kim

G"day Kim

sorry i know its an old post

Tour d'afrique is very very expensive!! ,but they sort everything for you!

I am cycling the Nile from Dimmyatt.Egypt to Tis Abay,Ethiopia(the Blue source) ,via Sudan, starting in Feb 2018

The trip will cost you less that 700 USA $ 

I am more than happy to answer any questions


Bobby :-)



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