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Getting back from Nordkapp (not by an airplane)

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Getting back from Nordkapp (not by an airplane)

Hello fellow cyclists,

I'm looking for a convenient way to get back from Nordkapp to Poland and there are at least two options I'm considering:

1. Nordkapp (Norway) -> Helsinki (Finland) -> Tallin (Estonia) -> Poland

I've read about a bus going daily from Nordkapp to Helsinki - can someone confirm its existence? Then I would take a ferry to Tallin, and another bus(es) from Tallin to Poland.

2. Nordkapp -> southern Sweden -> Poland

There are direct ferries from southern Sweden to Poland (e.g. from Karlskrona, Ystad).

Question is, what is the north-most Swedish town where long-distance busses leave from and how to get there from the cape? Does anyone has any experience?

Thank you in advance,





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