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Deliver a parcel to Istanbul

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Deliver a parcel to Istanbul

Hey people,

We are looking to acquire new bike tyres, and we could buy them online and send them to Istanbul, but for that we'd need somebody to allow us to post to their address. The other option would be that a shop in Istanbul has the exact tyres we need, but so far we had no luck emailing bike shops in english, we've gotten no answer.

Would somebody be able to help us out? Either by allowing us to post to their address, or by recomending us bike shops that are responsive via email?

For information, the tyres we need are Continental Contact Travel 622x37 foldable (SN: 0101502, see )

Thanks a lot for any help!
Have a nice day!
- Yves & Mimouna

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Heyy Yves and Mimouna,

Heyy Yves and Mimouna,

I have already checked some turkish websites ,this model is out of stock at the moment.However I would like to assist you to receive and ship them to you from Izmir,or maybe Izmir is already on your route planning.

Please let me know ,if there is no body else to ship them to receive in Istanbul.

speak you soon

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Hi Yves and Mimouna,

try to find other tyres. There are some good bike shops in Istanbul. Unfortunately Bisiklet Gezgini closed few month ago. Best shop is gone.

Think so Schwalbe make also a good job. Try the Marathon Plus Tour or the Mondial Evolution. No idea if your size is available. 28 " is pretty unknown in Turkey. 

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