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Wales to New Zealand

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Wales to New Zealand

Hey everyone,

On April 1st this year, (yes, April Fools Day) I will be cycling solo from Wales to New Zealand.
Along the way, I will be trying to raise awareness for the charity Combat Stress.
The charity helps ex-service personnel suffering from psychological injuries suffered in conflict.

I will post details of my route once it has been finalised (usual problem obtaining visa's) and hope to be able to meet up with some of you en-route.

Not sure if I can name my website on here but anyway it's:

Or if you prefer twitter on: @Rob__Graham.


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Route ?

Hey Rob

That sounds amazing and I'm only a tiny bit envious!
I would be quite interested in your route as I would like to do the same trip.
If you've got time to reply that would be great, are you going to have a blog site ?


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Hi Paul,

Depending on visa's, my route will hopefully be: across Europe - Turkey - Georgia - Russia - Kazakhstan- China - Laos - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - Australia - NZ.

I will have the benefit of live tracking, which will be available on my website.
I will also post updates through twitter and Facebook, it will be great to have you follow.

When are you thinking of doing something similar?


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Maps ?

Hey Rob
Sounds great, similar route to what I was planning but I was thinking about taking in the karakorum high way too. how are you navigating , maps or something more sophisticated ?

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Hi guys, We're doing a very

Hi guys,

We're doing a very similar route but heading off in March. If you catch up, we'll see you en route Rob!

We went for paper maps in the end. Far easier to get a bigger picture in our opinion. Stanfords (Bristol the nearest branch in SW England) was great for maps. We've managed to get a good map for almost everywhere we plan to head. How good they are we will find out once we arrive in places!


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April 1st

Hi everybody,
me and my girlfriend are planning the similar trip starting April 1st from Prague, heading to Varna (Bulgaria), ferry to Georgia, hopefully getting Azeri visa in Batumi, if not, through Armenia to Iran. In Teheran Uzbek and transit Turkmen visa. If Pamir Hwy is open so then to Tadjikistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. Along the way we will try to get Paki visa, if we get it so Karokoram Hwy and India, if not, through China (dont know how yet) to South East Asia, flight from KL or Singapore to Australia or directly New Zealand. Very very low budget. We go till our money lasts...
See you on the road! Always happy to talk with other travellers! Cannot wait to meet you!!!
Zbyna and Lucy Czech Republic

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