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Cycling Across Australia

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Cycling Across Australia

Hey Folks,

Building up my plans to spend 2 months going across southern Australia.

I have a few routes in mind, however I've seen a lot of people going from East to West or West to East.

The route I'm favouring at the moment is Perth to Sydney, as I'll be flying in from Auckland, but either wsy doesn't make much difference, as I'll be flying back.

Another route going East to West is starting out in Sydney, Broken Hill > Norseman > Esperance > Bussleton > Perth

If anyone has any advice for this journey or any routes they can recommend, I would be pleased to see them.

Once I have finalised my plans I'll share the full location here, including downloadable routes!

Thanks folks.


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G"day John

G"day John

Welcome to Down Under Mate

a very popular route is the Indian Pacific wheel race ( i know you are not racing-lol )

here is the map for it

Please if you decide to take this route ,shout me an email ,i live near by the Yarravile gardens 

Good luck





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check the web site please


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