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July in Italy: best region to cycle?

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July in Italy: best region to cycle?

I want to cycle 4 weeks in Italy during July. I know it's a bad month but that's when I'm free! What is the best region for cycle touring, in terms of weather (not TOO hot), nice routes (not too hilly, not too flat) ...and also nice hosts?

Did anyone blog on a summertime Italian cycle journey, that can help me?

posso capire anche risposte in italiano, piu o meno...

Thanks for any advice! Michael A.

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It depends if you want to be near the sea or not. That's because all seaside routes will be clogged with cars and tourists and it will be generally quite hot. If that's not a priority I have cycled in or near the mountains and it's quite nice and less warm. Around the appennini mountains it is really nice and there are some nice lakes too. These are in Italy's central regions such as Toscana, Umbria (awesome!), Lazio, Marche, Abruzzo. You should be ready to cross some mountains but from there the sea is never more than 1-2 days of riding away. There are less people too so bivouacking is possible (but illegal!)
Another destination I know from experience are the lower alps around Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto. In the Trentino region you will find also a well developed network of cycling routes.
A lot of other regions are good for cycling, Piemonte and Liguria for instance but I never done a lot of cycling there in the summer months.
I hope I gave you some ideas!

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cycle touring italy in july

Thanks Rocco for that info and the useful website links! I DON'T want to be by the coast/sea because it's always more crowded, touristy, etc. Also I live in Tel Aviv by the sea so I don't need more beach time! I prefer green landscapes, some hills, beautiful towns, rivers...

My other option is to cycle tour in France (also July)...I saw that  you are living now near Paris and touring around France. So you are probably the right guy to ask: what do you recommend for July cycling - France or Italy? (in terms of weather, traffic, etc.)? Also in terms of hosts (aren't all the French travelling during July??)

grazie mille, Michael

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Viva Italia

Michael, do as Rocco suggests, go to Trentino and Véneto. I have been there several times. The western part of Trentino, the Dolomiti di Brenta, has more challenging roads. Scenery is great.
Italy beats France: passion for cycling, nicer people, much better food, the best coffee, gelato :), beautiful women... , architecture.
In both countries, the peak summer holiday month for locals is August. In July more foreigners.

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Italy better than France in July?

Hi Michiel, Your advice may tip the scale toward Italy. Although each country is beautiful with nice people. In the end, I may decide based on where I have a few local friends. After several solo cycling journeys, I found that cycling with a local (e.g. a host who joins me for a day or more) is so much fun. The last time I cycled in Portugal, I passed your area with a friend from Guimaraes who i'd met as a couchsurfing host and because of me he began cycling and finally we did that part of Algarve together.
Do you know anyone in Trentino or Veneto that I could contacting in advance?
Obrigado, bedankt and todah rabah!

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Cycling with a local in Italy

Just ask where you stay: your host, in a café, a cyclist you meet. Good luck.

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