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Route ideas for New Orleans to Maryland?

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Route ideas for New Orleans to Maryland?

I am planning to head north from New Orleans to Natchez, take the Natchez Trace, peel off just before Nashville and head east to Asheville (NC) and then up NE from there to DC area.

Anybody have experience with cycling that part of the US?  Roads that should be avoided or sought after in those general areas?  Going to be tent camping, but travelling very light (no side paniers).

Route map:

Thx, Swan

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NE Route

I will be taking the Trace in late May up to Nashville, then the Blue Ridge Parkway as far as she goes.  I will continue on in parallel to the Appalachian (Hiking) Trail all the way to Maine.  Haven't worked out a route at the upper end.  I will cross the C&O trail where it goes into DC at Harper's Ferry.  (I placed a temp marker)  The C&O trail follows the Potomic River and very cool.  Check it out.  Maybe I will see you out there.


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