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3 Weeks on the Pacific Coast Route!

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3 Weeks on the Pacific Coast Route!

*** 7 spots remaining!  Sign up soon! ***

Group trip gathering on August 31 from Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon (near Astoria, OR).  Finish 22 days later in the San Francisco bay area.  We'll spend a day exploring the fort, the wreckage of the Peter Iredale and the beach there before departing.  Come and have the experience of a lifetime as we travel on the most beautiful and easily accessible part of the ACA Pacific Coast Route.  This trip is planned as an alternative to so many other "paid" guided group tours which can cost thousands of dollars.  This trip would be at NO additional cost as we're just a group of likeminded bicycle travelers!


We will be following the world famous Pacific Coast Route and using the ACA route maps as a guide.  Certainly, folks in the group might want to take advantage of any of the alternates to the route to increase adventure and widen the experience.  All nightly stopover locations will be preselected to take advantage of existing hiker/biker and public campgrounds along the way.


We plan to travel between 40 and 50 miles per day with four off-days spread across the three weeks allowing for additional exploration, rest, recovery, food and fun!


A typical day is doing our own thing.  Get up when you want, leave at your chosen time, stop as you wish.  We keep track of each other, but we won't hold hands.  Each person needs to be self-sufficient.  There's no SAG to rescue us, although a road angel always seems to come by when we need one. We don't need to plan to ride together, but that doesn't mean it won't happen if someone else has your riding style and pace.  Certainly, there are enough beautiful viewpoints along the way that we'll be crossing each other's paths throughout the day.  We sometimes will eat at restaurants for our meals otherwise we can gather and socialize while eating at the campsite each morning and/or evening.


This route is categorized as "Intermediate+" with 750 miles total and 30,000 feet of ascending up and down along the coast.  Typical days are around 40 miles and 1800 feet of climbing.  Relatively easy, but the accumulation of days makes this an intermediate+ level of difficulty.


It's going to be crazy beautiful with a variety of terrain.  Bring your camera!  We would love to have you join us for this adventure!

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