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SPOT Connect badge in Profile

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SPOT Connect badge in Profile

Last year I used a GPS option on my android phone so family could see my location on Google maps at any given time when the phone was 'ON'. I didn't realize how specific it was until my brother called from a thousand miles away and asked, "Lunchtime, huh? So how is the Big Mac?"
Now I have purchased a SPOT Connect satellite tracker for my upcoming 2013 long distance ride. This way my family and followers on Facebook can pinpoint my location in real time and also see my track. One places a badge on his Facebook Page and visitors click on it. I haven't purchased the SPOT service plan as yet so I can't see how it works. (I will be signing up when I get closer to my START date.) But I thought it would be mighty cool if I could also place a SPOT Badge on my Warmshowers profile so intended hosts could visualize my progress.
This could also be expanded to a separate overview section on the website for all members. Many smart phones now have check-in apps through their GPS. A member could visit this website section and see where member riders are cruising.
I realize Warmshowers is volunteer based and that this idea is way over the top, but it never hurt's to dream. ...Do we have any I.T.-guy dreamers out there, or someone with deep pockets?

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Just put the link in your "about me"

You can put anything like this in your "about me". You can include links there and even some html.


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