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Cycling in Morocco

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Cycling in Morocco

Hello everyone,

We are heading to Morocco for a 3 weeks/1 month stay there. We don't know which routes to take but we would like to stay in the north of the country.

Does anyone has advices on the routes we should take ?

Is there hosts available in Assilah, Rabat, Merknes, Fes, Chefchaouen, Tetouan ?

Agathe (in french)

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I received two private

I received two private messages with feedbacks about this post.

We decided to follow our plans and cycled 1 month in Morocco from Tanger to the Atlantic coast to Rabat, then on the land to Fès then up north to Chefchaouen and Tanger again. 

We posted some articles about this trip on our blog (in French) :

Tanger-Rabat :

Rabat-Fès :

Fès-Tanger :

Tanger and the boat to Italy :

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