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Help ! New Mexico & Arizona !

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Help ! New Mexico & Arizona !

Hello everybody !

My name is Guillaume, I’m French and currently riding across the USA on my Trek 920. I started in late January in Fort Lauderdale, FL and made it to San Angelo, Tx. So far, so good… but now, I’m undecided about the route to follow : originally, I wanted to go to Colorado but because of the weather, it’s not longer the case. Therefore, I’ll go west, through New Mexico and Arizona.

The thing is, no matter how I look at it, I can’t find a “safe” road after Roswell (the idea is to reach Albuquerque / Santa Fe). By safe, I mean a road where I could refill my bottles, get some food and shelter (motel/hosts/campsites). I usually ride my bike for 80 to 90 miles per day and it’s a lot already (keep in mind I have a fully loaded bike that weight around 77 pounds… plus water). Elevation and temperatures are also two new elements I need to take in consideration…

So, I come to you. If you have any tip, any advice, any help to provide, please, share your knowledge because I feel like I’m stuck and I’m slowly but surely overwhelmed by the idea that I won’t make it…

Thanks in advance,

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What is the problem , is it

What is the problem , is it waether, traffic, distance or other or all ? I have not cycled that road but I done others nearby in NM, 100 mile days in Summer with over 45 c heat. But never in March.Have had to pack a lot of water and sometimes rely on the generosity of passing motorists who would offer me food and drinks.

The road through Carrizozo onto Socorro looks interesting. Is that Interstate ? Back when I did it cyclists were allowed on some Interstates in NM and AZ.

Good luck.

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I also used to just camp wild

I also used to just camp wild by the side of the road and never had any problem, well, sometimes I would wake up and find some small animal had eaten all my bread and bagels.

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Welcome to the USA

Hey Guillaume: 

I often run into Europeans who are overwhelmed with the size of the USA but you can handle it easily.  I'm 74 and this year I'm doing my 7th cross-country since retirement.  70-80 miles is the largest gap between western towns that I have ever encountered and that is rare.  But if you run into a problem, the American people are very nice to bicyclists.  I don't worry about breaking down anywhere because I can always hold out my thumb for a brief time and some guy will come along with a pickup to give me a ride.  It works every time.  If I have to tent, I just look for a spot out of sight and have never had a problem.  In towns, I go to the City Office and introduce myself to the Mayor's secretary.  She's the one that actually runs the place and knows everyone.  Just tell her you are looking for a safe place to get a shower and pitch your tent.  Most times they will send you to a school to clean up and they will have the police patrol the park to check up on you during the night.  Please enjoy the rest of your bike tour.  If something arises, we are here to help you.

Jack Day

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Some times ya just got to

Some times ya just got to ruff it in the West..  I think I drove that road.  From Carlsbad caverns to Roswell.  It is a long barren stretch.  Stay hydrated bro

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