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Seattle to Sanfrancisco in 11 days

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Seattle to Sanfrancisco in 11 days

Hi is there anybody outhere who could help me with my planings?

I wanna go from the 14. of August from Seattle to Sanfrancisco by bike. I only have 11 days of travelling , will use a roadbike and a very light backpack. If you have eperience with this route or in that short time please let me know I would be really thankfull.


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Seattle Portland Route

Hi Martina,

This is a real fast ride. There is a annual ride from Seattle to Portland, using proven routes. Check out their current and past routes at :

This will get you to Portland fairly fast. Then you can ride the Columbia river, to Astoria and then hit the coast.  Or ride down to Eugene and then cut to the coast as the wind on the Columbia going west is real strong. 

I wouldn't use a backpack, they hurt and effect your balance and add wind drag. For these type of fast, non camping rides, I use a large saddle bag and a small handlebar bag for electronics, passport and small items. Check this out: or my favorite retro saddle bag, carridice, Your back will appreciate the lack of weight. Plus the carridice clicks on and off, real easy to take to your room. Too bad Ortlieb doesn't make one.

I've ridden from Seattle to San Francisco two times. While the Washington coast is nice, you can save time by hitting the coast in Oregon. The real nice Washington Coast in on the Peninsula, and you don't have time to ride this as well.


Jary Poland via Spokane USA

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Seattle to San Fransisco

Google Maps shows routes. Click on Bicycle.  



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