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Self-sustained bicycle tourist - Insurance

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Self-sustained bicycle tourist - Insurance

Hi y'all - not sure if this topic will be under this Forum. But i'm sure someone will correct me or guide me elsewhere to the apropriates one. Anyway, i'm asking if any of you, know of a good and reasonable Insurance for traveler like me. This is my fourth year of touring. I hope to return to tour Europe again and will like to have a "homebase" in Germany. Germany required that(among others) one must have proof of health insurance that will covers up to 50,000 dollars in policy. So if you have any references to a reasonable one, i'm all ears! Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your help. Sira

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We wrote about our

We wrote about our experiences with this issue at

The article is dated now, but we really did have a good experience with the folks at Global Insurance Net.


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Re: Thank You

Thank you, Randy. Really helpful.
BTW, are these shots are from the IMSS (their version of National Health)?
I'm in Lake Chapala now, heading for/towards Cancun on the 12th.

Keep well, happy trails. Sira

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Yes, we got our Hep B shot at the IMSS in Tuxtla Gutierrez. Had we known about this option we sure would have saved money on the immunizations we paid for in the US, especially Rabies :-) I'm sure you could go into the IMSS in Guadalajara and get taken care of. Like us, though, you wouldn't actually know until you got there.

Of course, that was 2007. Things change. But we found the Mexican IMSS supremely helpful.