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A Bicycle trip to Moscow for Football Worldcup from Dubai

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A Bicycle trip to Moscow for Football Worldcup from Dubai

Hey All,

I am planing for a bicycle trip from Dubai to Moscow through iran, azerbaijan and georgia to watch Football worldcup. This is my dream trip and i need valuable inputs from all to make this happen.

From dubai, i will be taking a ferry to Iran at Bandar Lengeh. Total Kms from Bandar Lengeh to Moscow is around 5000 kms. I have around 110 days in hand.So i am planning to do this trip in a relaxed way expecting to cover 60-70 km a day.

What are your opinion about these routes? How hard would be the journey.?  I am bit concered about crossing Georgia to Russia as its very mountainous  and very busy traffic.

I am open to all suggestions and advices. I am very excited to do this trip and  i want to make this happen as its my childhood dream.


Love from India


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Hi Clifin

Hi Clifin

You can follow the coastal road on Caspian Sea from Iran to Russia through Azerbaijan, thus avoiding high mointains. And surely be careful, as drivers are not always polite in that region.

Good luck on your way!


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