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Guatemala jungle ruins tour

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Guatemala jungle ruins tour

I wan to ride to Uaxactun, and maybe a loop through the jungle to Carmelita, or maybe around the other way to Melchor de Mencos, visiting ruins along the way.  Anybody been out there before?  Should I expect a lot of mud in March?  My mud tires are bad on the road, and my road tires a re bad in the mud.


Anybody used a bus to get to Tuxtla from La Mesilla?  After semana santa, I will be short on time to get to the Tuxtla airport.  

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I want to bump this back to

I want to bump this back to the first page.  Maybe someone has cycled through Guatemala, and Peten before.  I guess the ruins are a little off the normal touring route.  I dont think I am the first one interested in going there.

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Last June I and some other

Last June I and some other cyclists tried to get to the ruins of La Danta. It might have changed, but we couldn't just ride to Carmelita, as you need a permit for that area. Contact Memo ( He's living there and knows a lot about the area.Thanks to him and someone from the Carmelita community we were able to get through the check points until Carmelita. Unfortunately the trail was already too muddy to ride to La Danta. In March it should be dry though. Good Luck

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Where is the La Danta project

Where is the La Danta project?  The map shows them on the island of Flores, Google shows San Miguel on the north side of the lake, and they have a marker a little east of Santa Elina.

Getting close to time, hope some more people pipe in on the ruins of Peten.

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