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Cycle touring in Maui: recommendations

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Cycle touring in Maui: recommendations

We're heading to Maui on a three week cycling tour in mid-February, two adults and a three year old. If you have any recommendations for scenic and quiet roads or detours, beautiful camping spots, good eats, markets and so on, that would be very much appreciated. 

Our flight arrives to Kahului airport at night, so we need a place to sleep nearby. We plan to mostly or exclusively camp during the trip, but given our late arrival time thought it might be nice to find a room for just that night. We tried finding a host on WarmShowers, but so far that has not worked. I tried looking on AirBNB, VRBO, Kayak and but I'm seeing prices that definitely look unaffordable, at over $150 for just one night.... Any suggestions on cheap accommodation or a place to camp, relatively nearby the airport? (we would catch a taxi with the bikes, and then assemble them the next day). 

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