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Great Divide route in July 2018

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Great Divide route in July 2018

Hi there,

I would like to beginning a conversation about riding two sections of the Great Divide trail —

Have a look at the link and route details. I will be riding sections 2 and 3 for sure. I’m open to doing more but I’m also trying to be realistic. ;-)

Adventure Cycling recommends riding with 3 people on this remote route. They also recommend going through the MT, ID, WY, CO sections in late July or August (because of late snow fall or unmelted snow pack on some of the higher passes).

So far my cycling career has consisted of riding from Vermont to Texas in 2013, and riding from Texas to playa del Carmen Mexico in 2015.

I have a fair amount of experience “roughing it” and have done various camping, canoeing, and hiking trips. I also have a healthy sense of humor and will most likely be bringing my mandolin or ukulele to do some campfire serenades along the way.

I look forward to planning this adventure with you! 

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Hi Jahnavi! I'm recently

Hi Jahnavi! I'm recently moved to Bozeman and have been itching to go for a bike tour since I bought a new touring bike last summer and never got to use it. I've also been intriuged by the Great Divide Trail though I honestly haven't looked into it that much. I'm potentially interested in joining though I think only doing one section is feasible for me this summer. Section 2 would make a lot of sense for me though since its close to where I am. We've already had a good start to winter with a lot of snow so far so planning it for later in the summer rather than sooner looks like a better bet at this point in terms of avoiding snow. Not sure if you're set on doing the Great Divide Trail but I've also been intrigued by the Idaho Hot Springs loop if that's something that you might consider as well.