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Is this normal?

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Is this normal?

Hi all. I am using Warmshowers for the first time. I am currently in Italy. 

Last week I made four requests to stay with hosts. In response, I received an email message from one host who declined my request. I haven't heard anything from the other three. On My Hosts page, for each potential host it says my request is Pending. Even for the host that declined, it still says Pending.

I have just cancelled all four requests as it is now past the request dates - however for each host it still says the request is Pending. When I click on the host's name, I am given the option again to cancel the request, even though I have already cancelled each one (when I cancelled each one the first time there was even a pop up message confirming the cancel was successful). 

Is this normal?

I understand that it's Christmas time and this might be why I'm not getting any responses. But I'm also worried it just isn't working.



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Hi Mark, Its seems the new reservation system doesn't really work. There are several other threads here discussing the problems. I would suggest sending messages to hosts (the old way of contacting other members) rather than using the reservation system for now.



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Mark, I have to say : your chosen Thread title is a real teaser win the weekly award for most un-specific title ...

You may or may not realise, that these forums are barely  moderated ( if at all) and mis-titled Threads will go on till the end of the Universe, or the end of the Internet, whichever comes first.

So I suggest you could have titled your Thread : " Cancelled request, still shows as " Pending"...". 

That way, future Searches need not waste time with irrelevant content.

Cheers and tailWinds ..

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