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How Will We Live Tomorrow?

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How Will We Live Tomorrow?

Greetings -

In 2015-216 I cycled to the 48-contiguous states and asked everyone I met, How Will We LIve Tomorrow? My blog includes over 900 posts of my traveling days and documenting people's responses to my question (  I stayed with dozens of warmshowers hosts and even interviewed a member of warmshowers board to get a fix on this organzaiton see where we are headed.

Since I've been home, I've written a book aobut my experience, available in coffee table hard cover or ebook editions at Amazon. While so much of our nation was focused on a divisive election, I was so fortunate to ride 20,773 miiles over 397 days and meet so many generous souls. There is nothing so magic as showing up i a new place on a bike.

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