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[Hà Nội] Bike Storage + buy a Touring Bike for my GF

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[Hà Nội] Bike Storage + buy a Touring Bike for my GF

Hi fellow cyclists,

My name is Mica I'm a 37 years old swiss guy. Currently (nov 2017) alone in Laos, on my way to Ha Noi.

My girlfriend Emilie will join me in Ha Noi and I'm looking for a touring bike for her.

She'll come with my bob yak trailer so she don't need racks or panniers just a good (cheap) second-hand mountain or touring bike. Her budget is between 150$-250$. Maybe you have a friend who has a friend who sell this kind of precious bike ;)

We plan to ride down from Ha Noi to HCMC and then ride to Bangkok with some incursions in Laos and Cambodia. Between begining of January 2018 to end of March 2018 in Bangkok.

Any advices are welcome for this region by the way !

I need a bike storage in Ha Noi because before this awesome bicycle journey we gonna rent motorbikes from 20th December until 6th of January and discover with motorcycles the mountainous northern Vietnam. 

So would you take care and store my lovely bicycle in a safe place between December 20th 2017 and January 6th 2018 ?

Thanks in advance and have a nice ride


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