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Profile : Past ...Vs.....Present & Future ?

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Profile : Past ...Vs.....Present & Future ?

I have often noticed that many Profiles seem to list a set of experience in the Past ( usually past tours etc). I have to say, I find some profiles " bloated" with tedious details about past trips or other biographical information that I would much rather NOT read ...

I recently had Gusts with an extensive website, listing - in enormous detail - their experience of the several counties on their trip, but *way* out of date : they were at least two months " behind", with nothing about their time here in Australia, which would have been quite interesting to us as Australians.

I pointed out that their profile listed their " qualifications' as * Hosts* - but said nothing about their current trip, and especially nothing about their current whereabouts ( that is, in Australia, where they will be for the next 90 days ..), then going on to New Zealand. As their Host, I found it difficult to comprehend their current trip , and to provide any meaningful advice. Now I have no idea where they have got to, and I find that disappointing.

So my point is : when the member is travelling, why not just say so, making the profile explain [ in brief] the Present and preferably the Future ( direction) . This implies that the member should update their Profile from time to time ( I would say. maybe each 1000 km or so..). For example " ..we are presently cycling the Euro 6 in Central Europe until [ aprox date] .."

For ourselves,we have a template that explains us as EITHER Hosts or Guests, and we can " flip" each mode to the top of our Profile as & when required. In particular, we like to live in the *Present* and the ( near) Future, and we hope that makes us more comprehensible to any future Hosts we try to contact ; or Guests who contact us !

Of course, I can't say that this will definitely enhance your WS experience, as either Host or Guest . But you may find this worth considering.

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touring != blogging

honestly, I beg to differ. Not everybody has the mind and mood to keep the internet up to date while cycling.

I don't. I have better things to do when I'm touring. I tired, but normally there is so much else to see and do that it simply does not leave time to sensibly post anything apart from a picture or one sentence.



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I am not asking for a blog post . I suggest instead, as i say above , just *one* sentence  at the top of the Profile says it all ...for example 

"...From November 2017 to March 2018, we will be cyling between [ place A ] and [ place B ] ..."

Not least, this allows any potential Guest to skip your profile entirely when Searching ( maybe with little Search time, while they are on the road..) when they stumble on your Profile while Searching the Map etc.

Just one sentence ....

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