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Calendar function

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Calendar function

A while ago there was talk of incorporating a calendar function, comparable to those of airbnb and couchsurfing. I think this would resolve a lot of issues around non-responsiveness of hosts! I personally would be super happy if I could block certain days or weeks when I'm away or when I"m already hosting a few people. Cyclists wouldn't have to send out so many requests but only to hosts who are actually available on the dates that they plan to come and stay.

This is of course a lot more sophisticated than the current option of either available for hosting or not, which only indicated your current status and which I don't want to update on a daily basis. I might be availble today but not for the month of December, it would be great if I could block dates in the future.   

When is this feature going live? 

Eagerly awaiting an update on this. Thank you!

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the website update did seams

the website update did seams a little lack luster.

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