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Crossing the French/Italy Alps region

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Crossing the French/Italy Alps region

Hi, Myself and a Friend are going on a RTW cycle tour starting this January coming, we will be riding down France and then across into Italy mid to late January , i was wondering if there is anyone who can recommend a route across this region as I know the conditions will be a little harsh. We where thinking about riding down to Nice and following the coast roads across, but can turn of anywhere from Lyon onward if it makes sense. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Crossing the French/Italy Alps region


The following article might be of use when planning this part of your trip

Good luck and have a great time!



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route over/through the Alps


Of course it is possible to follow the Rhone river down to the Mediterranean and then follow the coast towards Italy. Parts of the Rhone valley are very busy. With good maps you can probably find nice routes.

Another idea is to hitchhike or take a train through one of the tunnels. For example tunnel de Frejus. This means about 10km of 'cheating'.

As you might have read in the article about winter cycling in the alps. Some cols are open all winter. I am thinking about Col de Montgenevre near Briancon. This is one of the easiest climbs (from the French side) to go to Italy. But traffic can be heavy. You have to inform yourself if this pass stays open. To get to Briancon the best way in winter is via Gap. Because the more direct route from Grenoble leads you over col de Lauteret, which is more than 2000m high.

I am not a local. My ideas come from what I have seen on maps and what I have seen in the many summers I was cycling in the Alps. Maybe there are much nicer options available.

Good luck on your big trip!!


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