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New bike touring wiki

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New bike touring wiki

After some recent conversation in this very forum, I started a new bike touring wiki. It's now grown to include over sixty articles on all aspects of bike touring, including equipment and locations.

 The Bike Touring Wiki

It is not meant to substitute or duplicate existing bike touring discussion sites, but rather to complement them by distilling and synthesizing their spread-out wealth of information into a concise format. As of now there are many individual journals and conversations, often covering a number of diverse topics, on the web. The goal here is to avoid repetitive questions, instead making it very easy to find information on various topics for the bike touring community.

Please check it out, and feel free to make any corrections or suggestions!

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I started play around with it and I think we need to think what should be part of it and not and what should be only on e.g. Wikipedia....

I feel

  1. Articles like EuroVelo maybe we just reference.
  2. Pictures in Wikicommon is no problem to reuse as your wiki support using them direct see - Eurovelo
  3. Wikipedia templates that are cool are the biking route templates they have e.g. Template:EuroVelo_7 would be nice to have also on BikeWow see also Category:EuroVelo
    1. Looks like it use Template:Routemap and the Lua
  4. Last week I did some biking on EuroVelo 9 and it would be nice to have
    1. Share the experience of other
    2. Good places to visit
    3. Good places to stay

Thanks for this Wiki I will try to promote it....

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Thank you!

Your contributions look really great. I made a few minor additions to the pages you created, and linked EuroVelo from the front page. BTW EuroVelo looks awesome! The USA and other areas should get something of that quality -- seems like they're working on it but maybe not enough riders for it to go faster.

Regarding your point on delineating what should go in BikeWOW vs. Wikipedia, I agree. I started a page here ( that mentions that Wikipedia is more encyclopedic whereas BikeWOW is more of a guide with facts and suggestions.

We can link and/or incorporate content from Wikipedia, as you've shown.

The routemap template looks cool. I didn't know about that, and am starting to read up on it...

Also I like the unit conversion template you started. Do we need to do anything else to make that useful?

Sharing experiences and places to visit and stay should I think be a main feature. I've been peppering some of my suggestions directly into place articles. e.g. in a page on the Pacific Northwest, I've mentioned regional eateries, shops, and parks. Can you think of any better way to organize these personal experiences?

I appreciate your thoughtful involvement, and please let me know of anything else you'd like!

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Template Convert et al

It was just as I was lazy..... as I did most of the copy/paste from WIkipedia and they had a template I just "lended" the code and displayed justthe parameter....

Best practize templates I think is

  1. Have some kind of documenting standard 
    1. sections to describe what should be done
  2. The "sexy" templates often use LUA that I havent worked with yet.... Question: Do you have support for it?


I think we should have the Coord template ==> we can plot it on a map....

I use a rather cool app V for Wiki ==> you use your Iphone and get articles with coordinates.... If we could get the people doing the app to add BikeWow as an "language option" would be cool  => we could get on the Iphone or Apple Watch to see things next to you that apply to Bikers ;-)
FYI: I stayed at last week when I did some biking on EuroVelo 9 at Warmshower host Vojtěch Jaroš and he is a hardcore Open Street map guru adding bicycle paths etc... maybe he can see some more possibilities.... Feels we could get a lot for free by using the alreade added Bikepaths 


V for Wiki


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EuroVelo 9

I did EuroVelo 9 between Wroclaw Poland and Wien, Austria last week and it was excellent . If you connect to me on salgo60 then you get more pictures and paths or just pictures on Google

I live in Sweden in the North of Europe and we are not used that is possible to take the bike on the train but in Austria, Czech and Poland it was no major problem when you selected regional trains so I

  1. took a flight from Sweden with the bike to my son in Wroclaw, Poland
  2. started EuroVelo 9
    1. used and one night Warm Shower
  3. ended in Vienna, Austria
  4. took the train with the bike back to Wroclaw, Poland
  5. took a flight home to Sweden with the bike

Some pictures on Google Photo

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Oh, so the unit template also uses Lua. Seems like it's required for lots of templates, indeed.

It looks like I have to install an extension ( to get Lua support. I'll look into that. I haven't used Lua before either, although it doesn't look too complicated...

Agree that greater mapping tools would be handy. I'm investigating what's possible...

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FYI I will end of this month go to WikidataCon_2017

I am mostly playing around with Wikidata and the query language SPARQL as an enduser...

Dont know if it adds value to a bike Wiki I guess OpenStreet map is the interesting part ....  maybe the mw:Help:Extension:Kartographer  is something see Wikivoyage:How_to_use_dynamic_maps

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Oh cool. I built a previous

Oh cool. I built a previous wiki with Semantic MediaWiki, which I believe also supports SparQL. The maps do look like they could be more relevant. Personally I'm not sure how much would be added at this point by embedding maps vs. adding more text and graphical content. What's your opinion?

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I just sent V-for-wiki an e-mail about integration. We'll see what happens...

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Maps! :)

Installed Kartographer. You can see a map here:


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Lua! :)

BikeWOW now supports Lua. As a demo, I've also set up the Convert templates and modules, so you can convert among units (e.g. miles and kilometers). You can see an example here:

Please let me know of anything else you want! :)

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I just took a quick look and it looks useful, thank you for doing this. One suggestion/ question though. Why bike wow as the title?

Are you aware of the WOW- Women on Wheels website/community? Unless you have a particular reason to use WOW it might be best to use something else and avoid confusion.

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Thank you for the thoughts!

Yes, I'm aware of WOW- Women on Wheels, and indeed had already linked it from the Communities page on the wiki.

I had considered several other names, and would still be open to changing. I went with BikeWOW as a short and simple and unique title, and since the naming follows along with other names I've used to keep projects organized. Also, it provides an obvious place to put a bicycle wheel in the logo! :) If there's enough interest, we could still change the name and register a domain.

Please let me know if you have any further thoughts! :)

BTW Your riding and hosting look fantastic!

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The wiki looks interesting,

The wiki looks interesting, Eagle, but what is with your negative feedback? Are you sure you would be the best representative of a bike-touring community wiki? Maybe better to leave it to someone with only positive feedback?

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The first negative feedback came from someone where we didn't quite click, and in my opinion the person over-reacted immaturely by leaving negative feedback. The second person was shortly thereafter, and had seen the last feedback and presumably (and understandably) formed an inaccurate picture beforehand. Both were from New York, and we know how New Yorkers are. ;) Also from a trying period of bike travel... I've got lots of positive feedbacks too. Plus, a wiki administrator isn't really so much of a representative as a behind-the-scenes caretaker, so I really don't think my manners are even an issue. Anyways, you don't get to the top without making a few enemies. ;)

If you have more questions I'm happy to delve into more detail.

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Bike Touring will benefit from a wiki

I think this initiative is what is needed. I had a WS guest who had been biking abt 300 km on highway instead of taking better bicycle paths.,,

Please join and add value and make a difference....

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