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shipping bicyle from Latvia to Vladivostok

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shipping bicyle from Latvia to Vladivostok


does anyone have any experience with shipping bicycles from latvia to Vladivostok? we would like to take the Transiberian and figure that it would be easier without the bikes as we don t plan to use them during our month is Russia. any shipping company recommended?

Otherwise our plan was to take the bikes accross the border by train from Latvia to Moscow and then ship them from Moscow to Vladivostok but it seems not possible to have the bikes on the train ... anyone has experience with this ?

Thanks a lot for any help :X

jessica and stefan

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No problem with bicycles in

No problem with bicycles in russian trains. But you need to partially take apart - take off both wheels, bar, and pedals, as minimum - and pack its carefully to bicycle bag or with stretch wrapping. Please check for luggage size requirements on russian railway web site.

Also you may ship your bicycles by "Деловые линии" company. In this case you may pack your bicycles to the box wheech you may get for free in any local bike shop. But it will not a cheap option because may take a cost for longtime storage. Personally use them already. But I'm a local, so have no idea about how they interact with foreigners. Please check it.

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