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Hosting without a toilet and shower - does that make sense?

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Hosting without a toilet and shower - does that make sense?

Hi, I'm not currently able to offer a toilet and shower for my guests. I offer only a lawn for a tent, water, electricity and a wifi connection. I stated that clearly in my profile, but does this offer make sense? Isn't the offer without a toilet weird or problematic?

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I understand not being able

I understand not being able to provide a warm shower: loads of hosts live in places where water is available, but hot water is not available year-round. I have had a couple of WS hosts over the years in warm climates who said, “Here's the shower, it’s not warm, ha ha”. In my own village, they have been occasionally turning off the water this summer due to drought, so the only option is a bucket shower. Still, none of my guests have complained.

I personally would call the lack of a toilet a huge problem. I know that on Couchsurfing in years past, whenever the discussion of what the host must offer guests has come up, a toilet was always identified as the one thing (besides the sleeping surface) that should always be provided. Telling the guests to all use the forest sounds weird and probably environmentally harmful -- are they all burying their waste? Why not dig an outhouse?

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I have felt that the lack of

I have felt that the lack of a toilet is a problem. I wanted to verify that others feel it the same. So I've decided to change my profile to be more clear that I can now provide only a short stop if someone needs water, electricity, wifi or help with bike repairs.
Isn't it against WS rules to be available like that?

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IMO, that's a fine offer if

IMO, that's a fine offer if you're one of the only options in the area! No offer is a problem as long as you're upfront about what is offered and what isn't. Just be clear about what the toilet options are (cathole? services nearby?). It's up to the guest to decide whether it meets their needs. I'd just add the caveat that if you're in an urban area that has many WS hosts, I suppose it's possible you're clogging up the site with an offer not many would find appealing.

Depending on how remote you are, though, even just being on there as a friendly house offering water could be a great service for someone who needs it.

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There is a host here in Ventura, Southern California, who offers the patio to his coffee house. Toilet is not available at night. This offer does sound strange, but I know several who have stayed there. He also has tons of great reviews.

As long as you are up front, guests will know what to expect.

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No toilet

We are people who sometimes camp in the wild. Means self-supporting for 100 %. In California somebody offered just a place at his property some years ago: a piece of wood.
What's the problem? Camping in the wild is about the same. You take care of enough water ( lake or so?) and you shit behind a tree after digging a hole.
Waste: you take it with you.
Our opinion: yes, a host may offer a place without a toilet. It's up to the guest if he accepts that. How luxury do you want your trip??
A hose of cold water?
We were born short after WW ll and we even had NO hot water at home....Taking a cold shower belongs to travelling by bike.

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Everyone can offer pretty

Everyone can offer pretty much what they want. If that's what you have then it's OK to offer it as long as you make it clear in your profile. Someone mentioned it being like wild camping. That's somewhat true but wild camping will be spread all over the place and it's less likely that the same spot will be used over and over again by other wild campers.

One of the issues you may end up facing is human feces deposited by those who don't know how to have a proper wilderness shit. I've often had rustic campsites spoiled by the stench of unburied human feces haphazardly deposited by boors with no regard for others. You may need to educate your guests about proper backwoods shitting etiquette.


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a proper wilderness shit.

Very well said!
While wild camping you are a guest too. A guest in nature. And the guest´s rules in nature are not different from the general rules WS/members should use in a hosts house or at his property.
Endless freedom and individual principles do not excist.

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