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Female vs. male hosts

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Female vs. male hosts

I've been member of Warmshowers for a few years now and I've been doing some cycling trips etc. I've had a few cyclists over and I've got a few references. But I'm not receiving many requests (maybe 5 a year), which is quite sad, as I take everyone in if I'm at home.

So about 5 weeks ago, my girlfriend, who's never been on a bycicle trip before, joined warmshowers to be a host too. She lives in the same city as me, maybe 1km away. She get's so many requests and in those 5 weeks, she has hosted more cyclists throug warmshowers than I have in the whole time I've been here.

I mean, wtf? It feels very discriminating and quite frankly, it makes this whole warmshowers experience terrible. Same problem on CS btw. What is wrong?!

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Your reply rate is at 60%.

Your reply rate is at 60%. Maybe that dissuades some people from contacting you, and people write to your girlfriend instead because she has a higher reply rate? Maybe your girlfriend is pinned on the map in a more desirable part of the city than where you live? Maybe she has a better profile text or a more reassuring photo?

Any internet-based hospitality exchange network will eventually start to draw people interested in sexsurfing, or at least spending their trip in the presence of people they find attractive. However, I don't think that WS is at that point yet (CS reached it years ago, though). I think there is something else to the story here. FWIW, my wife and I are both on WS, and people always write to both of us; she never gets a request that doesn't also come to me.

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What are guest female/male ratios

I agree with Christopher. Additionally, one thing not mentioned is the percentage of females guests who go with your girlfriend compared to male guests? I would guess the females feel less intimidated by female hosts compared to male hosts, especially if traveling solo. Conversely, perhaps the male guests prefer a female host. My guess echos what Christopher says though in that she is closer to the "route" and they see her response rate as a positive. I have also noticed this tends to feed upon itself, i.e. she has 4 newer positive feedback and so others think, lets go with her.

Maybe you should offer a steak dinner, wash their clothes, and air up the tires :-). Best, John

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Look at your profile

Few things about what you offer to guests. All paragraphs start with "I". What's more, it seems you mix up WS with a political activist page. This implicitly raises the expectation that you prefer people with similar attitude, thereby excluding wide parts of the community.

Now you feel discriminated. Put it the other way round. Would you like to stay with someone who presents himself as a strong religious believer, a supporter of a conservative party, or someone who has car racing as a second hobby besides cycling?

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So yes my reply rate is low.

So yes my reply rate is low. There's only one request I didn't reply too, cause it was a bullshit request, the others had their phone numbers in it so I called them instead of write them. That one's on me.

I also don't believe there's different ratios in male and female requests with my girlfriend and I.
When she started on WS, she obviously didn't have any feedback, so I don't think that was the difference. Also my last feedback is only 3 months old, that's not a lot on WS.

So I've changed my profile yesterday in the hope of making it more attractive. I'll try to do better. But I still don't think this is about me though. I've had different styles of how I presented my profile and it didn't change a lot

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Reply to all requests even if

Reply to all requests even if it's a bullshit request or even if you've called them. A simple "Sorry can't host you tonight", or "Looking forward to meet you" will do. As far as I'm concerned it's a flaw in the system but there's nothing we can do about it at the moment.


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Sam, Does your girlfriend

Sam, Does your girlfriend live in a student's residence? It sounds like very tight quarters. I am not sure I would feel comfortable in a situation like this. Other may also feel uncomfortable requesting with you if they think it will be a cramped situation. Despite that, I commend you on your desire to host! It shows your heart is in this and you are giving to the community.

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The reality is that all of us

The reality is that all of us "discriminate" to some degree in our daily lives. Each individual has their own comfort level and that may indeed include choosing a single young female to stay with instead of a single young male. But I wouldn't jump to any conclusions with your situation. Compare your profile and location to hers and look at them both without personal bias and preconceived ideas. There could be many reasons for the difference in requests which have nothing to do with gender bias.

Others have already made some good suggestions, especially about the activist tone. I would also encourage you to put the information in German (and English) since you are in Germany near a French and Dutch speaking area as well ...not English. I've seen quite a few profiles in the local language and English.

Good luck with the hosting and thanks for being part of this community.


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