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Bike storage in Helsinki

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Bike storage in Helsinki

We are two cyclists from Ireland. And cycled from calais to tallin during the last 2month. We are going to st petersburg via Stockholm and Helsinki by ferry .our flight is from Helsinki.we would like to store our bikes in Helsinki from the 2.august till the 8.august as the Russian trains only take bikes totally dismantled.can anyone please contact me on 00353860891985 by SMS if you have a space for our bikes.marianne and laura

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This Post is under “ website help” BUT …it is asking for travel assistance offers for an individual (!) in a particular place / time.
Therefore :
1. It is NOT suggesting / requesting “ Website Help” ..and
2. This section of this website is NOT the place to solicit assistance ( which should be done simply between individual Members, via private message/request
Attending to off-topic Posts like this one takes time & energy that would be much better spent on improving WS for *everyone* - not just for individuals' everyday travel needs...

Marked : Obsolete

Further ; I notice this Member has a low Response rate to hosting requests,. yet is asking for help herself. Perhaps the member does not yet understand how WS website is supposed to work .

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