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south africa?

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south africa?

any feedback on biking there? ideas? suggestions? hosts?

thanks much,

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My wife and I cycled from

My wife and I cycled from Johannesburg to Cape Town three years ago, on a route that cut across the Karoo, then brought us over the Prince Albert Pass to the Garden Route, and then on to Cape Town. South Africa has, of course, a bad reputation for safety, but that is really only the large cities, so if you intend to make your way into or out of Jo’burg, Cape Town, or Durban, you will definitely want to stay with a local WS host who knows which way to cycle safely. Otherwise, the country is pretty much just like anywhere else in the world and we never felt uneasy.

Many hostels (known locally as "backpackers") allow cyclists to pitch their tents on the grounds for less money than staying in a dorm bed, while still being able to use the bathroom, kitchen, wi-fi, etc. So, be sure to ask about that. I can also recommend the campgrounds in Victoria Bay and Uniondale if your travels bring you that way, as they are quite cheap and bike-friendly.

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