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Dilemma how to rate an host (experience unattended ...)

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Dilemma how to rate an host (experience unattended ...)

We have a dilemma about a host who received us in a city on South America.

The guy were friendly, helpful, answered us with short delay on, and we would love to be friends with him if living in the same country.

On his WSL description, he says living in a nice house close to the capitale, with a private guest room, hot shower, and living alone with his partner.
He had about 5 references, all positive, and we asked him, about 3 days before arriving to his city, if he is available to host us for one night; He answered positively on the same day, but wrote us that he moved last year, and give us his new address, without any explanation about others changes on his profile.
At his new place, everything were a lot different than on his profile: living with 6 others persons that didn't know about our arrival; Access to the kitchen was not clear: we cooked there with his approval but being also checked by a woman that we didn't know who she was (his mother, his owner, etc?). Our place was his own bed, and himself sleep on the floor, in the same room than us ...
The place was not clean, lot of traffic in this house, so we didn't feel very well that evening and night!

The dilemma is about the feedback to write!

First, I think that he has to update his profile immediately! I have no problem sleeping on a couch in the living room, or in the worst sleep in the same room than my host, but it seems to me important to know it in advance, and decide with a clean information.
Second, others cyclists could choose to go there in full knowledge, or go somewhere else.
For ourselves, we arrived there late at 8PM (tandem troubles during the day), and that city in Columbia seem not safe to leave, so decided to stay.
But, as I said first, our host were nice, friendly, offered us beers, give us a lot of useful informations (cycling around, places to visit, etc) and he offered us to stay there few nights during the days that we visit the Capitale, offer that we decline ...
For that reason, a negative feedback seems no fair. On the other hand, this is kind of informations that I need to know before arriving or before to choose a WSL place for the night.

What do you think about that?

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First, I think that he has to update his profile immediately!

Tell the facts as you state here above. This serious difference between the profile and a new situation must be very clear for future guests.
A guest must be prepared what to face and a host must update asap his new life style.

Your choice between positive, neutral and negative is personal. WS-members/guests have different ways of judging, demands and expections..

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Just give the facts in a positive light

I would write a "positive" review saying something like "His 6 rooms mates were quite interesting and even closely watched us cook in the kitchen.. He even slept on the floor of his bedroom so we could sleep in his bed (and he doesn't snore!!).

This lets everyone know what to expect and is not negative. You could easily do this if you host and have a "neutral" guest, not positive but not negative.

Happy Trails, John

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