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slow cycle trip through the Baltic States

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slow cycle trip through the Baltic States

Just started my 5 week sojourn. I am in Klaipeda today (25 June 2017)… hoping to visit the Curonian Spit. Working North through Zemaitija National Park this week then onwards through Latvia and, Estonia during July. I am a fit senior but i also like to have fun so only do 60 km per day. Anyone interested in joining me?

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This is OVER a year old ....and has ZERO response - perhaps b/c its chance of a meaningful reply is infinitessimally remote, particularly when so mis-Posted to this Forum

As I understand it, this section of the WS website is for a "wish List" of features that would benefit the WS itself - NOT a list of personal "wishes" ...

So this stale post is STILL here, taking up space and energy. It should have been Moderated long ago. I'd be more than happy to moderate Posts like this to remove them from this Forum ( and preferably from the whole WS)

Tailwinds ...

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