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Eastern Europe then into Asia

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Eastern Europe then into Asia

Hi all,

Myself and my girlfriend are currently cycling through Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and into Greece and Turkey before heading east into Asia. We would love to meet up with fellow cyclists either for a drink or even a cycle for a day or two to compare experiences.

Let us know if you are in the general area or you know anyone around these areas that would be willing to host a couple of smelly cyclists for a day or two.

Our blog is

Hope to hear from you soon!

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I'm currently not on the road, but it looks like you are going to ride the same / similar path for the next several thousand kilometers, that we have done last year. Here is our blog link:
You may find some usefull information there.
It's only in German, but as you state on your webpage, Monika understands it a bit? I hope it can help you. Otherwise, google translator will make it at least somewhat readable.
If you have any specific questions to me, you are always welcome to ask me.

cheers and a wonderfull ride as well as many nice, little things and happenings beside the road, Robin.

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