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Cycling Alaska

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Cycling Alaska
Hi i would like to know if someone has any info about the route between Anchorage and Seward, i'm planing to ride there the last week in august, but i''m a little concerned about the levation gained in that area, i would trully apreciatte any info ...Thanks Sofia
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Anchorage to Seward


I did this trip last May/June.

Nice wide shoulders for most of the way until Moose Pass. I went before traffic got busy so I can't comment on that. Elevation gain isn't anything too difficult. Turnagain Pass is 988ft with a 6.5 mile climb so it's not super steep. After you get past the Hope Highway you have ups and downs. There are tons of places to rest if you get tired. Let me know when you have the dates figured out. Maybe I could ride down with you.

E-mail me at dtotheatothevtothee AT gmail D0T com for more info. I could scan the pages from The Milepost guide to give you mile-by-mile info for the route. I'll just have to do it at work.

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