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The best experience for a kid

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The best experience for a kid

My kid is 5 and just learned to bike properly, without the support wheels. Eventually, I want to tour with him, but in the meantime, he's having so much fun with the visitors! I like how he's meeting and interacting with people from really different backgrounds but inherently honest and hard working. I think is a great experience for a kid to realise how most of the people are good people! 9 people hosted in only our first month!

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This is awesome, Mateo! Enjoy your cycle tour :)

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i agree, exposing kids to your Warmshower guests is a great thing. He will hopefully also pick up that spirit of adventure to see more of the world.

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Great Family!

Hi Mateo,

I can confirm that touring with a kid is great fun. My son is 9 and Autistic. Last summer we did a 450 km tour from our home near Toronto to Ottawa. Along the way we raised funds for a Children's Treatment centre James is on the list for. (We hope he gets treatements from them soon). He had an amazing time, and I will hold on to that 'first' for along time. A great memory. He grew so much during the ride - more independence, more maturity, more decision making and self control.

He had such fun that this summer he has asked if we can do it again. Right now I'm in early stages of putting together a ride for the two of us again. This year we are thinking of going 1,000 kms. The way I see it, if he can manage 500km in 6 days, then this is the same thing just more days of it. 

With James' condition, there are some things that might be different than a typical kid (but probably not) - what was important with him was:

  • letting him set the pace (super slow! We averaged about 10 km/h)
  • having a reward (we're stopping at the next ice cream shop)
  • frequent breaks (usually at parks, libraries, and corner stores for ice cream)
  • finding families with kids as hosts (we networked with Scouting and Cadets to get young families)
  • playing while we rode (Star Wars was a theme throughout the ride. I think I was mostly the dark side, he was a Jedi.)

Good luck, and keep cycling fun for your boy. Whether he chooses to tour or not, you want him to be happy.

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