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Eurovelo 8 Barcelona - Rijeka (Hosts / Companions)

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Eurovelo 8 Barcelona - Rijeka (Hosts / Companions)

I am planning a ~5 week trip between Barcelona, Spain and Zagreb, Croatia. I will be flying into BCN on June 20th, stay a few days and get started. I plan to follow the EuroVelo8 route to Rijeka and then cut in. I am expected in Zagreb for a wedding on July 29th

-If you are near the route, can I stay with you? I have a tent and am happy to set that up in your yard. I'm clean, and can cook / do dishes.

Other Current Travelers:
-I expect to be putting in 100-110km days depending on weather, altitude, road conditions, distractions. If you are interested in joining me for part of the journey please reach out. First major tour, and solo, so I am very interested in riding with folks for portions. To arrive in time I have to average 70-80km/day so I expect to ride 2-3 days, take one off, my schedule is very open.

Previous Travelers:
-How was your experience with this route? Signage, trail / road conditions, areas of concern, camping suggestions, general suggestions. Is there any part you would suggest skipping? Did you bring anything with you you regret, do you regret not bringing something? Which country truly has the worst drivers, etc..

This is my first major tour, I expect to combine wild camping, warmshowers, couch surfing, airbnb, and hostels along the way. Whatever tips you can share about this route / area will be very appreciated.

I expect to follow this route:,8.0419922/terrain