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Bicycling Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

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Bicycling Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

We are planning a 3 week cycling trip around Nova Scotia and PEI. Does anyone have any route recommendations? We are looking for quiet roads, small towns, camping, and whatever else we can experience.


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Nova Scotia and PEI

Highly recommend riding Cape Breton Island and the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. One of my favorites from several years ago.
Last summer we rode many of the roads and lots of the Confederation Trail in PEI; both were great. Lots of the roads are low traffic if you stay away from the ones leading into/out of the city. The Trail goes across the whole island with branches going everywhere. Don't miss the area around St Peters Bay; head up 313 from the trail and ride to the Park, then walk the trail to the water. We enjoyed #16 out to East Point, making a loop with the trail coming back west. Also from North Rustico to the Gulf Shore Pkwy West. And #14 on the west coast is nice too; combined that with the trail for another loop. Plus Summerside is a really nice town on the trail. Enjoy!

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I live in Summerside and have

I live in Summerside and have lived in N.S. as well. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions. Keep in mind that we are expecting a significant increase in tourists this summer due to the Canada 150 celebrations.

I posted in reply to someone else here: . Some of that information may be helpful.

Be aware that there is quite a nice ferry from Caribou, NS, to Wood Islands, PEI. If you use the Confederation Bridge, there is a shuttle to take you across as cycling is not permitted.

All the best with your planning.

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