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travelling advice isfahan province iran

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travelling advice isfahan province iran

Dear fellow bikers,

Please be warned that we encountered some problems travelling from Zarin Shah towards Zaman Khan along the Zayandeh river. We are safe, but I can not recommend travelling this road!


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Be advised on Iran

Iranians dislike Americans and treat their women like shit. You are foolish to travel in Iran because Americans have been tossed into their jail simply because of our nationality. Iran is a shithole. That's a blunt truth, like it or not.

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better words

You could have written better words, man. Have you ever been to Iran, John? What you hear on media is absolutely different than what really people are.

If you haven't been to Iran, then let's listen to other American touring cyclists who did a tour through Iran, two and a half years ago a dad and his daughter came to Iran : I know this father and his daughter, it just crossed my mind to put you a link.

There are wonderful Warm Showers members in Iran who really would love to host Americans, dude! I am one of them and I have got lots of friends who are really keen on meeting Americans.


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We love all countries and nationalities!
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Don't judge

Please don't insult to people and Cultures. We showed to world ,We're Contrary to negative publicity media.Did you come to iran?I recommend

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Are you sure?

John, was in the last years 2 times in Iran.

Absolutely amazing experience.
One of the safest and most hospitable countries on earth.

"Worst" experience (did you seen the ""?) in Iran was a begging guy in Esfahan. But elderly people came along to tell the young guy that`s not a good idea.

So don`t judge about countries when you heard just about media.

Travelling is the death of prejudices.

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Please explain more!

Sorry to hear that, Justus. Can you explain more what happened exactly?

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International Community

While we all have different experiences, I would like to remind everybody that this is an international community. Please refrain from name-calling and profanity when referring to someone's homeland. Future such posts will be deleted.

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Thank you so much, Ken! That

Thank you so much, Ken! That's very true.

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Travelling advice Esfahan

Hi Justus,

please give more details what`s happened.

Was in the last year in Teheran, Esfahan and lot of other iranian regions. Never made a bad experience.

Of course sometimes it`s possible to meet bad people. But it`s much less than in other countries.

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