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Bike Trailer : which one choosing ?

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Bike Trailer : which one choosing ?


for many reasons, I would like to buy a single wheel bike trailer but I don't know exactly which one !

I've seen :
-Bob Yak (or Bob Ibex)
and some other ones, cheap or more expensive...
(and it must be compatible with my 27.5 mountain-bike.... )
Do you have any advices for helping me in my choose ?

Many thanks!


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Bob yak trailer is the best option

Go for the Bob yak ..With the Bob bag..Its 13.5 #..I have had two of them in the last20 years..I just did a tour of the southwest and did 3000 miles in less than 3 months..It's nice for the extended tours as long as your not going to ship it on airlines or Amtrak..I love the Bob yak..Rides nice and when you get used to the extra 4 ft you don't notice it, until that hill..So train and get strong before your tour..The ibex is really not needed, for me..It goes everywhere I go..Even off road..Take it slow on dirt and sand..

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Hi Pascal

Hi Pascal

I have used Bob Yak on my Silkroad tour and South American tour, both about 6000kms. I have never seen Topeak or Bee-z trailer anywhere being used by touring cyclist. maybe they are good but needs to be proven.

Bob is very reliable.



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Go with the Bob Yak. The only

Go with the Bob Yak. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure you dont loose the retaining pins for the skewer. I cary a few eztras hust in case. The bag that comes with it is great, it is heavy duty. When i am going to the store i just bungee down a Rubbermaid tote, fit right in it.

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Thank you !

Many thanks for the feedbacks and advices !
I think that I will buy a Bob Yak !
Someone could confirm that it's compatible with a 27"5 mountain bike ?

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I use my Bob Yak on my old 26

I use my Bob Yak on my old 26'' mountain bike and on the 28'' touring bike. So you should be find. Just make sure you get it for the correct axle length/dropout width. They also make one version for road bikes which isn't wide enough for a mountain bike.

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Bob Yak

Thanks for the advices! I will be careful about the axle length, that was my question in fact !

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I've got it !

Hey ! I've my Bob Yak !
(I don't know of it's possible to post a picture here... )
And I've found a name for my bike : Bill (like the Sam's poney!) and the trailer is Bob The Yak !
I've made a test on Saturday : 4h, 60 km with about 12 kg (bag included!), very comfortable !
I hope to do a longer trip in real conditions, maybe 4 days with all the gear.... planned on the end of this month.
Many thanks for the advices!

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Bob Yak photo Bob Yak 01_zps4qypbn2r.jpg

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Awesome! The moment I saw

Awesome! The moment I saw your picture I realized that I actually don't have a yak but a ibex. Anyhow, everything I said is true for both trailers.

I hope you aren't actually carrying this backpack on your back. If so: it's way more comfortable to ride without anything on your back and you've got lots of space to put it on the trailer.

Enjoy your new trailer! It won't be a problem to use it for extended tours.

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Bob the Yak !

Hi !
The Ibex is maybe better for off roads ...
I've always à backpack so I'm accustomed to carry it ! It's not a big one (20l) and useful for water reservoir ( camelbak ) and all the little things that I want to take care !
But I will test on long time and maybe, I will ask to Bob the Yak if he accept to carry it !

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Bob the Yak !

I've done my test during 3 days and 200 km, with 18kg of gear (bag included), all sorts of road and tracks: Bob has been a perfect friend, very accommodate.
Like I was lost in the forest, he had to follow me in bad tracks with all sorts of traps, and he never complained !

Bill* (my MTB), and Bob the Yak (!) are ready for an adventure outside my Shire !

* Bill is the name of Sam Gamgee's pony in LoTR (I'm a fan !)

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Pascal if you are a fan of

Pascal if you are a fan of LoTR then you need to come to New Zealand! :)

Glad you liked your Bob.

My Arkel Randonneur seat post rack failed while I was on my way to conquer Abra del Acay in Argentina (highest commercial road in America continent at 4972m/16300 ft), I quickly gave it to Bob and continued riding.

I have also carried 5 litres of water, 2 foldable seat, 1 large bag of bread with all the other usual touring gear (on top of the already 35kg+) on Bob and travelled 65km/hr with Bob (although user manual says no higher than 40km/hr). Bob has always been there for me.

Bob and I travelled through a lot of ripio (river bed like) in Carretera Austral and disintegrated RN40 in Argentina. if I had the opportunity to travel again I will definitely use Bob.

At the end of my South American tour, I gave my beloved Bob to a Warmshower friend, Guilherme in San Pedro de Atacama.

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Sorry if this is off-topic

Sorry if this is off-topic but have any of you travelled some distance with Bob Yak or Ibex in real off-road condition? Whats your experience?

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Hi Hallgrimur

Hi Hallgrimur

I cant post pictures but I have used Bob in very very sandy road, so sandy you cant see the end of the spokes. not sure if you call that off road...

but if you are talking about track in a forest where full suspension bike lives, then no, I havnt. I have only ridden gravel or sandy road, some roads I have ridden are like riverbed.


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Hi Hellgrimur!
I don't know what is the exact definition of "off-road" but I can say that the Bob didn't feel bad on tracks (uphill and downhill) and single-tracks when I was on the forest. I just had to be careful about roots, holes, rocks and mud, but I'm quite a lot trained in mountain-bike !
Maybe the Ibex is better than the Yak for "hard" off-road ?

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I haven't used my Ibex yet in

I haven't used my Ibex yet in real off-road conditions, but when I toured Iceland I met an Icelandic guy who has toured a lot of Iceland with a Ibex and claimed it was well suited. I wouldn't try taking a Yak on rough Icelandic roads, though.

On Icelandic F-Roads crossing rivers could be the real challenge for a Ibex, because the trailer itself weights 8 kg. and you'd most likely have to carry it over.

The one year I went through the hassle to take the trailer to Iceland, I had a health condition and had to give up the cycling plans an rent a car instead.

I hope the day will come that I take my Ibex back to Iceland ;)

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best bike trailer

best and cheapest bike trailer, but you need just in case to cover it with a tarp when riding.

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