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Toronto-Minneapolis Route Advice Wanted

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Toronto-Minneapolis Route Advice Wanted

Hello Hello,

I just graduated from Teacher's College in Toronto and I won't be starting work until September so I have decided to do a bike tour this June. My girlfriend is working for an NGO in Minneapolis so rather then fly or greyhound I am hoping to make the trip by bike. Although I am a novice bike tourer I am a long time runner and have done one basic tour around Belgium and the Netherlands.

It seems a lot of people may have done the Minneapolis to Niagara Falls section as part of a cross country tour along Adventure Cycling's Northern Tier and Lake Erie Connector. I am wondering if anyone has advice for a novice in terms of routes, must see stops etc. As a Canadian I am confident at getting to the Ferry Crossing from Sombre Ontario to Marine City Michigan. At that point it would appear that USBR 20 goes straight to the Ludington Ferry and is well mapped out but then the route disappears on the Wisconsin side of the lake. Is there a better route that I am missing?

Thanks for any advice, tips and tricks that you can pass along!

All the best,

Thomas Faulkner