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crossing the Alps

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crossing the Alps

Hi Folks,
My name is Stefano and Im planning a trip from Stockholm to Abruzzo(italy)from may till july,now im at the stage of planning a route accross the alps.
I was thinking to roll south from Germany and i saw an option the "Via Claudia Augusta " from the website
Or to go through Swiss from Basel to Chiasso(IT).
Did anyone have done any of the two.?
What are yours suggestions about?
Any other route in that area suggested?
Thanks a lot

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Hi there, I've been planning

Hi there, I've been planning to cross Switzerland from Basel to chiasso for a long time but could never find the time for it. I might finally do it this May. I've done some research on the subject and I can assure you that this website is the best to plan your bike trip though the Alps. Hope it will be useful. Good luck

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Hey Fabio!

Hey Fabio!
Thanks for replying...i hope you ll find the time to do what you had wishedfor a while.
I checked the link you gave and it bring more clarity to my planning.
Thanks and all the best of energies

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