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Camping in Portugal and Spain

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Camping in Portugal and Spain

I just bought my tent and bike. Im ready to go
Which site do you use to find campite in Spain and Portugal?
Is it safe to do some free camping for a sole women traveler?

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camping in spain


I am living in North Spain, Pirineos.... I have been camping several years specially in the north of spain, climbing or riding, and I would recommend you to pitch your tent away from roads and villages....Theorically, free camping is forbidden.... but in my experience (in north spain) if you pitch your tent at evening and you leave early in the morning you will not have trouble with the police (Guardia Civil). And I am sure if you ask for permission to the people who live in the villages to camp in their lands, it will be ok....

about the safety for a sole women....... in my opinion, in the rural areas of north spain I think it is safe..... but I am a man and the personal percepcion of the security is very different....

Anyway, if you need some information, ask me..


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