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biking across canada

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biking across canada

Hi ! I am planning on biking from vancouver to quebec city in summer 2017. I was wondering if it would be too cold if I start in may since I finish university at the end of april and start in september.
Thank you all! I hope to meet you on the road.

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Biking across Canada

I don't think departing BC in May would be a problem. If camping, carry a good sleeping bag. Could be cold at night anytime, anywhere across Canada! Check us out at for routes, etc.


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Through the Rockies it can

Through the Rockies it can get down to zero even in May or June, so bring a good sleeping bag and at least some light somewhat windproof/waterproof full-fingered gloves along with a full rain suit and you should be fine.

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Carry something warm always

I started in BC end of April it was cold especially in the summits,I was able to get rid of my heavy winter stuff after the Rockies,but crossing Lake Superior will be cold with the wind picking up near the tops.your window of warm weather will be only between Ontario and Quebec better to have a warm jacket and good sleeping bag..

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