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Calais to Barcelona

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Calais to Barcelona

Good Evening All

As a very last minute opportunity I am Cycling from Calais to Barcelona (leaving this Tuesday 21st August 2012
I would like to take the most Direct but Flattest route, but with such short time have been unable to get a satisfactory answer for myself.
Ive heard heading to Bordeux is a good idea, but would appreciate any advice and plenty of waypoints in between.

Thanks in advance

All the Best


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You are a little bit VERY late!

I think about Rhein-route (EV15) , Rhein-Rhone-Canal, Rhone valley and Mediterranean coast (EV8).

Also have a look here :

Try it and tell me about.

regards Sebastian

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Why are you avoiding hills

Hills are not that hard to ride. If planning to tour for next 30 years plus you will be riding them.
Just plan a route thru valleys. than climb out of valley to next valley

I am 76 and ride Mt diablo at 4000 feet elevation gain

Charles Nighbor

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you can take canal de midi

crossing france through the canal the midi is one nice and easy going option.
flat, few cars and fresh.

or in english

have fun

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