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Cycling across the US via Route 2

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Cycling across the US via Route 2

I posted this question about a week ago, however, I think this is a better forum location for such a subject. A friend of mine suggested taking route 2 across the US because he recalls it being a nice road but then again... this was years ago and he was in a car! I found a little information on it and what is appealing is that it's 'only' 2500 miles (according to Wikipedia). This being said, Two Questions:

1. Has anyone ever ridden either the entire length of Route 2 OR enough of it to say whether or not it's cycling "friendly": wide shoulder, good pavement, relatively low volume of traffic, etc.

2. If it is a poor route for cycling, can you suggest a better route? Adventure Cycling has several different northern options and we are honing in on The Northern Tier.

Thanks greatly for your time and assistance,