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Looking for cycle buddy touring in France, Spain

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Looking for cycle buddy touring in France, Spain

Hi there
I am setting off from Gloucestershire, England on 18th August and heading to France down towards north Spain. Plan on doing the Camino. No route set in stone at the moment my plans may change as the days go by. Is anyone panning anything similar and/or fancy joining me?!
Also I would be grateful if anyone could offer me suggestions as to a route ideas for north to south France? any feedback appreciated. Thanks

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route nord au sud de la france

Désolé d'écrire en français

Les routes du Nord au Sud de la France sont nombreuses et très différentes Nous te conseillons de passer par le centre si tu aimes la montagne. Tu peux passer par la côte en empruntant l'eurovélo1 de Roscoff à Hendaye où tu pourras ensuite rejoindre le Camino

bonne route

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I could advise you to have a

I could advise you to have a look on this website if you want to make a stop in paris before going further down:

otherwise to go further down south have a look also on this website :

I am also looking forward to cycle for a couple of days down south starting from paris , reaching orleans and then going along la Loire to the West or the Southeast for 5-6 days

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France, Spain and Morocco

I am heading to Paris and on to Spain to Morocco this fall. I leave the US in September for London to pick up my bike and then on to France. Any interest in Morocco this winter?

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Loire Valley


I'm planning on cycling West to East on the Loire from Aug 18th this year - maybe our paths will cross. First time I have done anything like this, but looking forward to it immensely. Thinking of setting up a blog around the planning and the experience - does anyone have anything similar or any tips?

I'll be cycling from St Brevins les Pins to Nevers over 9 days.



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Loire Valley

Are you asking for tips in setting up a blog or the planning and cycling? Blogs are pretty easy. I use Blogspot. In fact here's my address:
You need a Gmail account to set one up but they are free and easy.
Have fun

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Hi, in 2012 i cycled around UK then did the "avenue verte" to Paris. I am not much help for cycling down through France as i took the train to Nice (as i was to meet a friend there) and after cycling south around the Mediterranean to near Marseilles i headed west across Provence which was wonderful on quiet back roads. Because I found accommodation expensive and at that stage i wasn't camping much, in Arles I joined a camino. the route was pretty rough on the bike and i had to push the bike on walking tracks across the mountains, it was well worthwhile as there is a guide book with pilgrim accommodation for the whole route. at the Canal du Midi i crossed over to the Le Puy camino route so as to end up in StJean pied de port (the start of the commonest Camino - the French Route). this route could be really busy but it was already November when i got there and tourists were less. the camino is an amazing experience in itself, but it is also a way to meet with other travellers (i was travelling by myself, so welcomed some company). accommodation is cheap and plentiful, and food readily available in numerous villages. i stayed 100% on the walking track and walkers passed me on the mountain passes. but i preferred that to road riding. after Santiago de compostella i went down the Portugese camino to Porto. enjoy!! i have been home over 12 months now and want to get back on the touring bike. sally

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