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Australia cycling.

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Australia cycling.

Hi all,
i'm after a little help with planning a cycle trip from perth to Melbourne. i am cycling in china at the moment and am finding it hard with the internet here, so some of these questions might seem a little easily googleable.
i'll be setting of from perth around the 19th of november. does any one know what kind of temperatures to expect? also the wind direction? is it fairly easy to get water and food along the way? are flys a big issue? if there's anything els of interest, please tell.
another route might be Brisbane to Melbourne.
thank you for any help,

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Hi Sam, I'm cycling in Iran now, but live below Perth.


Each year varies somewhat, but

Temp - potentally hot at start, definitely hot by finish

Flies - probably

Wind - most cyclists go E to W

Food/water - you will have to rely on other travelers at times.

Overall - people do it, it's NOT enviable, plenty of blogs on it...

Good Luck, Robert

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it's possible ...

That time would be quite hot on the Nullarbor section ..... plenty of people do it ( by bike) but of course, the number who have to bail out is "x", I guess ..

those two routes you mention are VERY different ...

try this Fb :

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Perth to Melbourne

I rode Perth to Sydney in 1999. Before deciding which direction to go I consulted the weather bureau. They said that general wind direction in Summer was east to west, in Winter they are generally west to east. Going by that I would think you'd be getting more headwinds than tailwinds in the direction you are planning. In November/December temperatures are really beginning to rise so you will find it hot. For that time of year my preference would be to ride Brisbane to Melbourne; greater variety of landscapes, more choice of roads. If time allows I'd add on a 2-week lap around Tasmania.

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thank you everyone for your

thank you everyone for your helpful replays!
yeah they are quite different routes, but i have a few friends perth And' it's a bit cheaper to fly to from hong kong.
does anyone know what kind of temperature in digits to expect on the nulabar?
thank you again

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